Accelerating my Career: A TeamMoto Story

The Motorcycle Industry is one of the most dynamic and exciting industries supported by enthusiastic and passionate individuals from all walks of life. What is often not reported are the exciting career opportunities that exist within the TeamMoto organisation that even include relocation packages for the right people.

Working in the motorcycling community can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career. There are numerous pathways to pursue as is obvious by the following story.

TeamMoto is very proud to have amongst our ranks people who have forged a career path in the industry.  One thing that sets TeamMoto apart is the possibilities of growth within the company itself.
Positions in a Dealership include everything from; Apprentice Mechanics, Mechanics, Instructors for Motorcycle Riding School, Sales Staff for Motorcycle Sales, Parts, Accessories and a large range of manager positions including; Customer Service Manager, Workshop Manager, Accessories Manager, Sales Manager and Business Manager and we can’t forget the Dealer Principal!

One such is Steve Davies, the Dealer Principal of TeamMoto Triumph Springwood who came to work at TeamMoto from a track-side chat.


Wednesday arvo, March 2004.  I was talking to Duncan Hale at Fort Lytton MX track who said “You should come and sell accessories at Moorooka with me and Ian Kerr.” It sounded alright and would be a nice way to kill some time.

Thursday arvo, March 2004.  I met the Manager for an interview, who invited me to start the next day at Moorooka.

Friday morning, March 2004. I was informed that a bike sales role was a better place to start … and it was a steep learning curve! I learnt more in a week than I had previously in a year about retailing and the sales process.

July 2004.  I was transferred to Virginia, where I gained a lot of knowledge from a very experience Dealer Principal in regards to sales, discipline and getting deals done.

February 2005.  I became the Sales Manager at Virginia.

October 2005.  I transferred to Yamaha Enoggera as Sales Manager.  It was a very interesting change, going from a busy store with heaps of enquiry to a smaller store that was supposedly ‘quieter’.

April 2006. Transferred back to Virginia as Sales Manager. This was a very exciting period of growth for bike sales at Virginia and the entire TeamMoto group.

October 2009.  Took on the Business Manager role at Virginia.  After being a cynic (how hard could that cushy job really be??), for a long time I got the shock of my life with the workload and requirements of the role.  I owe the previous Business Managers I worked with throughout my career at TeamMoto a written apology!

March 2010.  Transferred to Triumph Springwood and Hyosung Springwood as Business Manager.

September 2011.  Became the Dealer Principal at Triumph Springwood.

From the first day I started right up until today, I can very honestly say that I have never had a day go by without learning something new.

Whether it be sales process, coaching and assisting new (and not-so-new) staff, how to deal with unique obstacles, running a business… the list is endless.

Over the past 7 or so years, there has never been a dull or boring day, I’ve never had an experience that no-good has come from and I have never gained a skill that couldn't be applied to any department of the business.

The days are sometimes intense (which usually equates to rewarding!), however I've worked with many people who I'm proud to call friends, and have always been thrilled by the excitement that assisting someone to buy a motorcycle brings - each sale is as good as the first!

- Steve

So if you are interested in accelerating your career, click here to check out TeamMoto’s employment opportunities … and who knows where the future might take you!


In this issue


The Chef and his Bike: Tales from the Trails!

Christian Loghem graced our newsletter last December and January with an adventure aboard his Yamaha Super Tenere XTZ1200.  This year Christian has embarked on yet another epic journey, extending his trip this year to travel even further past Canberra down to Melbourne and Adelaide before returning home to Brisbane.

Christian Loghem is just a normal guy.  A normal guy with a passion for motorcycles and a thrill for seeking adventure.  Last year he embarked on a long distance ride aboard his brand new Yamaha Super Tenere and experienced amazing roads, crazy weather, beautiful places and had remarkable trip.
This year he is doing it again – but super charged.  10,000km in 7 weeks, across 6 states, nothing stopping him!

‘The Chef and his Bike’ (Christian and his Super Tenere) departed Brisbane early in December and their route will take them down to Canberra for Christmas, then up to Broken Hill, across to Port Pirie and down to Adelaide before following the coastline along the Great Ocean Road to Port Melbourne.

There the Spirit of Tasmania waits for his crossing to the Apple Isde for a “leisurely lap” – as Christian calls it – including the Western Explorer Road before crossing back to Melbourne.  His journey will then take him along the South East coastline, through Sydney and back up to Brisbane.
If you liked his journey last year – you will love this one!  One main difference from last year is Christian now has a Spot Tracker to map is progress and therefore anyone can follow his route – click here Christian’s Facebook page where he will be updating regularly throughout his trip.

But as of this moment, Christian is several days into his 46 leg journey and he already has some wonderful stories to share.  Be sure to check back in the January 2012 eNews for the full story of Christian’s epic adventure!
December 12 - Day One - Brisbane to Armidale - 502km

Well my overnight prayers were answered and I awoke to some lovely sunshine this morning. I left Brisbane at 6.30am and made my way down through Beaudesert and onto the Lions Road to Kyogle, Casino and then Grafton. Had gorgeous weather all the way but it wasn't to last unfortunately...

At Grafton I took the Waterfall Way heading towards Armidale when the bad weather caught up with me. Well folks, down it came. My visor was fogging up and I couldn't see a thing as I tried to make my way over the mountain ranges.
The rain got that heavy that it just became too dangerous to continue so I pulled over and just sat on the bike and rode it out. I am sure the drivers of the numerous cars that passed me had a bit of a chuckle.

After storm #1, I pushed on only to be hit with another thundery shower so I was forced to stop again. I was at Ebor Falls when the third hit but luckily there was a small shelter I could put the bike under and again I just had to wait for it to pass.

By this stage I was only 80km from my destination so I carefully did the final stint and made it into camp at 4pm.

A long, wet and tiring day 1 of 46. When the weather is against you like that, self preservation is the name of the game and I was very happy to find a perfect camp sight right on the edge of a little pond. Who says water frontage is expensive. I have the best water views right now and for only $12. No doubt I will sleep soundly tonight.

December 13 - Day Two - Armidale to Putty - 487 km

Two lessons were learnt today about riding - ones that I should have known already but common sense had not prevailed on either occasion throughout my day today.

Lesson#1 - never ride too close to a fully loaded cattle truck - especially when it is going up hill. I was tailing a cattle truck today trying to get an opportunity to pass it when it started up a small hill. Well, the proverbial waterfall of cow shit came out the back of the truck and into my path it fell. Thankfully I managed to avoid the spray that would have totally ruined another great day ... but the smell - oh my god!! Those bovine creatures sure do store it up for the unsuspecting biker that's for sure.
The second lesson was to always ensure you put the stand down on solid ground before disembarking. I stopped at the most beautiful escarpment and proceeded to boil the 'billy' when the ground under the bike stand gave way and the bike went crashing over. Durrr !! Well I had my first occasion on this trip of picking up a super heavy bike and not one that I , or my back, wants to have to do again.

??Apart from the above, it was another FANTASTIC DAY on the road. I went a little further than I planned this afternoon due to awesome riding weather and a great nights sleep last night.

Today I travelled down the 'Thunderbolts Way' and 'Bucketts Way' from Walcha, through pretty little towns like Gloucester, Barrington and Stroud until I met up with the freeway just west of Newcastle. I hooked right and headed out through Kurri Kurri and Cessnock before winding my way through the vineyards of the Hunter Valley (no sneaky tasting stops this time - I will save that for Tasmania).

I made my way half way along the famed 'Putty Road' and pulled up at The Grey Gum Cafe where I have pitched my tent and will bed down for the night. The kangaroos I was determined to avoid on the roads this afternoon were being hand fed at the back door. Nice!! I spotted this little Oasis in the desert on my trip home last year and once again have found the perfect camp spot for the end of day two.


To be continued in January 2012!

Festive Cheer! Motorcycle style...

The festive spirit is high at the moment and nothing says Christmas more than ... motorcycles! Fair enough, that may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Jolly St Nick and his pack of toys, but according to a recent press release from Marketwire Via Comtex in the United Kingdom, Santa may be "ditching the Reindeer Sleigh for a Festive Motorcycle this Christmas"!

The article states that according to a recent survey conducted by Swinton, the UK's leading bike insurance broker, "if Santa was to ride a motorcycle he's most likely opt for a festive version of the classic Harley-Davidson" - or as they call it - the "Holly Davidson".

The article also says "that the majority of Brits think Father Christmas would be suited to the classic vintage style motorbikes rather than the more modern boy racer superbikes that are popular with riders today".

It is even mentioned that another excellent choice for Santa would be an adventure style bike - "so he can get to the children that live down the beaten track".

Source: Swinton, SVK Communications.

In any case, it is that wonderful time of year and what better way to celebrate than with a classic poem of old... again, it's not quite the original, but for all those motocross fans out there, you will probably like this one just as much.

Merry Christmas!

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my house
There were hopes of new sprockets, from Renthal or Krause;
Rad Cages and Gold Valves all fitted with care,
Creating new horsepower to jump here and jump there;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While on XR's and CR's they played in their heads;
And Mum in her Fox shirt and I in No-Fear,
Had just settled in for the snooze of the Year,

When from a four -stroke there arose such a clatter,
I thought that it's valve train would soon for sure shatter.
With speeds I've not seen, I was sure it would crash,
This BLUE want to be 2-stroke disappeared in a flash!

I peered out the window to the street down below'
Could this be a bike or just yellow snow,
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a Man on an RM sporting Red and White gear,

With that little old rider, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment that this bike was trick!.
With Excel and Sunline , RG3 and Tag,
It looked to be from an MXA wish bag;

"Now, Sunstar! now, Pro-line! now, Answer and Hinson!
On, O'Neal! on N-style! on, Wiseco Forged Pistons!

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
So up to the take-off the Riders they flew,
With bikes filled with VP, Pre-mixed with Casterol too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard from the roof
Someone hitting the Chimney with an audible OOF!.
As I drew in my hand, and was turning around,
Who else but Seth Enslow would fall to the ground.

He was covered in tin-foil, from his head to his foot,
Like an Alien Pot Pie all covered in soot;
A bundle of bike parts strapped to his back,
You would think it was Jeffro smuggling crack.
  (I know That was low but I needed a rhyme)

His eyes -- how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
This isn't Fro, MY GOD it's TIM FERRY!,!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
On his 426 how fast could he go;

Bouncing the back wheel off the stump of a tree,
Into the forest he rode laughing with glee!
And close behind but gaining fast,
Jimmy the Elf on his 02 Gas Gas

There was Larocco and Travis ,  Kdub and Mac,
Clearing the drifts like a Supercross track;
Degan and Mad Mike tried to give it a wack ,
by busting out crazed version of a twisted Nac-Nac;

When out of the east midst the flora and fauna ,
came the smallest elf yet on a blazing fast Honda,
A wee button nose and rosy red cheeks ,
It was Ricky Clause the hardest to beat ;

He sprang with his bike, above all the rest,
With a grin on his face and a One on his chest.
But I heard him exclaim, ere he rode out of sight,


There's a new Grizzly in town...

Yamaha has a new ATV hitting the TeamMoto Yamaha stores next week, that is set to make a big impression.

The 2012 Yamaha YFM300A Grizzly is an all new auto 2WD which is replacing both the YFM350A Grizzly 350 2WD and YFM250 Big Bear 250 Semi Auto for 2012 and a very competitive introductory price of $7,685 Ride Away.  The new ATV is designed for riders who are looking for an easy-to-use high quality 2WD ATV with class leading value.
Easy-to-use yet sophisticated, compact yet powerful, high quality yet affordable, focused yet versatile… the new Grizzly 300 offers more for less.

With its abundant overall engine and chassis specification and easy-to-use character, this quality ATV is ready to work hard and play hard.

?The ‘easy-to-use’ philosophy has heavily influenced the overall design of this ATV, and virtually every feature of the powerplant is designed with a view to making life easier and more enjoyable for the rider.
Yamaha’s designers have paid particular attention to keeping the weight of the bodywork and other chassis components as low as possible, and this weight saving gives the Grizzly 300 greater agility, manoeuvrability and performance than its predecessors.

To further enhance the pulling power, dual range transmission is fitted which makes the Grizzly 300 a willing and tireless workhorse that is ready for hard yakka at the touch of a button.

This stylish and affordable all-rounder comes with a hydraulic disc braking system at the front and rear.
Every single component in the system – including the brake pad material, hoses and caliper sizes through to the master cylinder design, disc material and lever ratio – has been carefully selected in order to achieve a linear braking response. 
The front brake is operated by the right hand, while the rear brake can be operated by either the left hand or the right foot – and for added convenience there is a cable-operated parking brake.

And as an added bonus on top of all the great new features, the YFM300A also comes with a Three Year Warranty and Yamaha’s Super Low 5.99% Finance rate.

Offering a blend of Yamaha's technology and high quality standards and a wide range of user-friendly features, the affordable Grizzly 300 brings functionality combined with all-round useability to the up-to-350cc class.

The YFM300A is being released in TeamMoto Yamaha stores next week - so get in before Christmas and perhaps there will be a shiny blue Grizzly under the tree this year.  Click here to contact any one of our TeamMoto Yamaha dealerships for more information.

Bike Test: 2012 Yamaha YZ250F is set to impress!

By Jared Basile

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to test ride Yamaha’s brand new 2012 YZ250F at the TeamMoto Yamaha Enoggera test day at Enduro legend Kirk Hutton's private test track, and wow do they mean business next year.

At first I was expecting the 2012 YZ250F to the very similar to my own 2011 250F but I was definitely wrong.

The 2012 bike was absolutely incredible. Sitting on the bike without moving felt the same but as soon as you twist the throttle you were in another world.

The first thing I noticed instantly was the amount of power down bottom. In previous models I thought the YZ250F has always lacked a little grunt down bottom and therefore would need some tune and pipe work to fix it.
Yamaha have pulled through really well to fix this and have even gone one step further - especially considering they have not joined the competition in fuel injection - but instead have stuck with the carburetted engine and in doing so have easily become the lightest bike in the 250F field by several kilograms.
I noticed that the new frame felt a bit more rigid then previous models which I really liked.

The new suspension was also really impressive, it felt a little stiffer then normal which was great for the conditions I rode it in and for my weight but in a matter of seconds you could easily adjust clickers, height and rebound to suit any rider.

To top off the new frame - I’m not sure if it was just me - but the new 2012 bike seemed to steer a lot better then past models.

I was able to come into corners a little faster and still be able to lay the bike into the rut and power through instead of overshooting and then having to square off the corner.

Overall I think the new 2012 YZ250F is absolutely brilliant.

I personally could not find anything negative about it. The whole package of the bike is truly ready to be on the race track or even on a trail ride.

Yamaha have done a great job putting the new bike together and I can see a lot of this model being sold throughout the 2012 year. I want one.

Any one want to by a 2011 YZ250F? Only ridden on Sundays :)

- Jared

Motorcycle Riding School: The Christmas Big Bang Theory

By Steve McDowall, TeamMoto Motorcycle Riding School Manager

Ah yes, it’s Christmas.

I remember as a kid there was this whole mystery and awe around Santa, and often wondered how he could get into the house without us hearing a sound.
I never understood how any person could possibly eat all that cake and drink all that milk everyone left out for him. But then again, there were the reindeer to feed as well, and I guessed they must eat a lot because they had to fly so far.

And as a kid it never crossed my mind either that it took Santa only one night to get around the whole world when a plane couldn’t even do that.

But then I grew up. I started to question things.

At first I denied it, and put my naturally inquiring and analytical mind to rest by thinking that Santa just had a lot of helpers, because I’d seen two Santa’s at the same time in a shopping centre.

That explained things for a few years and I fell back into my blissful world of denial.

But then disaster struck!

I realised that the reason my uncle disappeared at the Christmas function every year was because .... he WAS Santa!!! I’d found his Santa suit in the car!

Reality sank in, and Christmas changed forever that day.

It happens. One day we think we’ve got it all figured out and then BANG!
We can happily live in that world of denial with our riding too, until one day we realise we really don’t know what we think we know.

Sadly for many that learning comes at a price – and often it’s a bent bike and a broken body.

We can go on for years doing the same thing and getting away with it. But then we find ourselves in a slightly different situation and what we “know” doesn’t work so well.

It’s then time to develop a new approach.

But that always involves changing your thought process, and OMG! – maybe your attitude as well.

Someone once said to me that the biggest thing that stops us from learning is the statement “I know”.
It puts up a subconscious block to any new information, and keeps us locked into a false belief of knowledge.

Being open to new possibilities and information allows us to develop new skills, expand our thinking and change our beliefs.

So over the last couple of years I’ve been in a constant reassessment process myself.

A few guys I’ve spoken to have begun to restore my faith in the whole Santa thing!

Imagine finding a brand new motorcycle under the Christmas tree. Yep, it’s happened to these guys.

I’m not talking about a scale model, I mean the real deal. There was a Ducati, a Honda VT400 and a Suzuki GSX-R.

Now, I’m happy to believe in Santa again. Not so subtle hint ... I love my GSX-R but Santa, can I have a new one? PLEASE? I’ve been a REALLY good boy this year!

From all of us here at TeamMoto Motorcycle Riding School we wish you a very happy and safe Christmas, and may all you dare to dream of come to you in the New Year.

- Steve


Tech Tips: Oops ... What do I do now?

After an unfortunate incident occurs, what are your steps to get your bike back on the road?

It’s never good to dwell on the “what if” scenario, but being prepared and having the knowledge to relieve stress and confusion is very important in any situation.

TeamMoto's preferred Smash Repairs centre is Advanced Motorcycle Spraypainting & Decals and this month the Manager Jason Nuhn takes us through the simple steps involved with insurance claims and smash repairs.
Advanced Motorcycle Spraypainting & Decals (or AMS) has just opened the doors of its brand new workshop located at 2/3369 Pacific Highway, Springwood.  The state-of-the-art facility features premium quality equipment, including a ducted sanding booth boasting a dust free environment and two modern spray booths.

They repair all makes and models of motorcycles and their main priority is getting your bike back on the road as quickly as possible.

So your bike has had a little boo boo … what do you do?

Jason Nuhn, the Insurance Manager from Advanced Motorcycle gives us a breakdown of what needs to happen:

Step 1 . Customer contacts Insurance Company to obtain claim number and calls their local TeamMoto Dealership.  TeamMoto then nominates Advanced Motorcycle Spraypainting and Decals as the prefered repairer. (Note: You can choose any TeamMoto store – ideally the closest one to your location.  The bike will be picked up and delivered to your nominated TeamMoto dealership, which minimizes the hassle for you).

Step 2 . Contact myself (Jason Nuhn) to arrange suitable time for assessment.  Alternately drop the bike at the nearest TeamMoto store. If the bike can't be ridden the insurance company will arrange towing.

Step 3 . Once Advanced has received the bike, a quote will be raised and sent to the insurance company. (In most cases, the quote will be back to the insurance company within 24 hours.)

Step 4
. A representative from the Insurance Company will then assess the bike and advise repair approval. (In most cases insurance companies will be able to assess the bike within 48hrs.)

Step 5
. Once repair authority has been received, repairs are commenced.  Depending on parts availability the usual turn around time will be approx 2 weeks from date of approval (Not date of accident).

Step 6
. Upon completion of repair, the motorcycle can be collected from Advanced Motorcycle or returned to the TeamMoto store from which it was collected.

Hopefully this makes things a little easier should any issues ever arise.  For more information on Advanced Motorcycle and the services they offer, visit


Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas!

One week to go before Santa finally arrives!

While I'm sure that you have already picked the perfect gifts for everyone already, if by chance you are getting that sinking sensation in your stomach right about now, that means perhaps you have a) just realised Christmas is only a week away and not two weeks like you had been imagining or b) just realised Christmas is only a week away and you haven't gotten anything for [fill in the blank]…
If this may be the case - have no fear!  What better place to shop for Christmas presents than a motorcycle store! No don't scratch your head in confusion … TeamMoto Dealerships literally have something for everyone and they aren't your everyday run-of-the-mill presents either.  If you want something unique and special this Christmas … check out the list below!

TeamMoto's Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

10.  A PeeWee for the Kids!  Now this isn't something that will happen every Christmas - so make sure you pick the right time and ensure your kids are ready for a minibike.  But be assured, the Christmas you choose to give your child their first minibike will not be forgotten!

9. Newray Model Motorcycles and Trucks.  Yes Big W, Kmart, Target and all the other big stores have Toys Galore, but for a moto mad kid is there anything better than a small replica of the bike they love?  And you can even take it one step further as there are some "grown-up" boys (above the age of 18) that wouldn't say no (and probably have a hard time hiding their glee) at having a Repsol Honda Casey Stoner Replica model in their Man Cave.
8.  Smooth Industries Official MX Merchandise.  Smooth Industries mission is to provide motorcycle fans of all ages with fun, innovation products to enrich their lives and express their love of motocross.  Can you imagine how proud a little moto lover would be of having one of these backpacks or lunchboxes at school?

7. FOX Ladies Daydream Jeans.  Most people would think a motorcycle shop would be the last place to buy something for your Mum, girlfriend, wife or sister.  But FOX Daydream Jeans for Ladies not only fit amazing but are over 70% off to boot! For a limited time only and stock is running out - you could look a real hero come Christmas morning for buying 'brand' label jeans and she'll never know they only cost $24.95!
6. Motocross Gear.  For the young or old, you can never go wrong with new MX gear.  Whether it's for the old man, who insists on wearing his 1992 RAT jersey everywhere and will never buy himself new stuff, to the little guy who is getting his first motorcycle and needs to be kitted out.  It's the perfect gift for those who will never buy it for themselves!

5. SPOT GPS Messenger or SPOT Connect.  Ladies this is a perfect one for your significant others … the Spot Trackers feature help messages, check-in messages and real time tracking, so you'll never have to worry if the boys are out on a big ride.  The new Spot Connect connects to your Smart Phone via Bluetooth and even allows you to check your social networking or send short emails.  This little device can be used well and truly anywhere in the world, well past the point when mobile phones lose service and it could quite literally be a life saver!
4. FOX Casual Clothing. On Sale!  Sometimes getting a bargain on a Christmas present is almost as good as getting a present yourself!  You save money and you get something awesome for a friend - how good is that!  This year FOX T-Shirts for Men, Boys and Ladies are seriously reduced and TeamMoto stores have them at over 50% off.  There are FOX Hats and backpacks as well and even FOX Rockstar wallets and belts with huge savings on all the FOX Casual.

3.  Genuine Merchandise for their brand of motorcycle.  Brand loyalty is a mysterious and wonderful thing and being proud of what you ride runs deep within many passionate motorcyclists.  Being able to purchase Genuine Merchandise from Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki and Triumph will make some of the most unique and remembered Christmas gifts this year.  There is everything from KTM "Mini Pro Silencer System Dummies" to Triumph Clocks, watches, belt buckles and hats to T-shirts for Ladies, Kids and Mens in most brands.
2. TeamMoto Motorcycle Riding School Course Voucher.  Did you know that you can buy someone a gift voucher to get their motorcycle licence?  Why not give your loved one something they will never forget … TeamMoto Riding School has vouchers available for one, two or three-day Q-Ride courses, so why not give the gift of excitement this year!  Click here for more info on the TeamMoto Riding School.

1. TeamMoto Gift Voucher!  Sometimes you really can't choose the perfect gift for something, but giving them the option of choosing whatever their heart desires …  It's like giving a kid free reign in a candy store!
So there you have it!  TeamMoto's Top 10 Christmas Gifts that are sure to bring smiles to everyones face come Christmas morning!  If you've seen something you like, be sure to drop in-store at your local TeamMoto dealership or click here to check out the digital Christmas Catalogue online. 

And remember only one week to go… Merry Christmas!

TeamMoto Road Rides taking a break for Santa

A notice for all the riders who attend the TeamMoto Triumph Virginia Road Ride on the last Sunday of every month ... for December there will not be a ride, as the last Sunday of December falls on a pretty important day!

Therefore the ride will not be taking place, but everyone at TeamMoto Triumph Virginia wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing you at the end of January 2012 for our first ride of the new year.

Shots of the Month

It's Christmas time!! And for all of us in Australia that means BBQ's by the pool and heading to the beach.  Complaining after eating too many prawns and sleeping off Christmas Lunch excesses in a hammock in the backyard … Or even better going for a fantastic ride with mates and enjoying the sunshine and freedom on your bike.

But for that other hemisphere up North, things are a little different around Christmas time… Shots of the Month this issue features how the other half might be enjoying this time of year.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Above and Below.  These shots are by Rutger Pauw, which he took for the Red Bull Photofiles. They profile Austrian ice speedway racer Franky Zorn at the second round of the Santa Cup in Sweden in 2009, which he went on to win.  Ice Racing for those who don't know is a lot like Flat Track, but the oval is on a frozen lake and the bikes have studs or screws in the tyres. Wicked fun!
Above and Below.  Seppster2 Ice Racer. Tobias Guckel and Sepp Schmidt from TGS Motorcycles in Germany know something about Ice Racing. This ultra light custom (try to count the number of frame holes) is based on a rigid frame with single sided front end, oil in frame, and is powered by a 93” S&S Shovelhead engine and a 6-speed transmission! (Do they race very long icy German highways?). For traction, the tires are from Metzeler in 18 x 4.5” in front and 18 x 5.5” in rear equipped with Ice-Speedway-Spikes. “Ice Racer” is equipped with a double chain drive, and a twist clutch for fast shifting. I guess more for indoor shows (how many miles of carpet they already destroyed?) than for ice.
Above and Below. Golden, Canada is becoming renowned for its snowmobiling due to the wide range of riding terrain available, the deep snowfalls of champagne powder, and the spectacular scenery.  The options for riding are virtually endless. The Golden area has trails that cater to first time riders and families, and extreme areas for those experienced mountain riders looking for a challenge.
Above and Below.  And to finish off Shots of the Month for 2011, what better way then to get everyone in the Christmas Spirit.  Santa's new ride.

Merry Christmas from TeamMoto!

We would like to thank you for your support in 2011.

From all of us at TeamMoto Motorcycles, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!